15 years of marketing experience in London, Milan and Athens.


We are a team of marketing and communication professionals that believe in elegant simplicity, personal connections, and authentic company stories. We don’t try to change brands; we simply uncover the heritage and the beautiful story that lies in them. We mainly work with very few clients at a time. We build personal relationships making sure that we craft a truly genuine brand story that can contribute to improving a business’ performance.


Having worked for some of the biggest marketing agencies of the world, we understand that big agencies, huge marketing teams and high fees are not always what small and medium-sized businesses seek. Thanks to our tailor-made approach businesses have one contact point and get the professional support they need without having to work with different individual agencies, designers, photographers, copywriters, or digital consultancies.


We are a team of specialists with several years of experience in the marketing and communication industry. Having worked for several years in London, Athens, and Milan, we combine our international expertise with our knowledge of the local market to help businesses grow in an organic and structured way.


We are based in Athens and Bolzano while sometimes you might find us in London or another part of the planet. That’s why we don’t have an office, which also means lower fees for you! However, if you would like to contact us send us an email and will contact you as soon as possible.